Quiz on Politicians and Their Views

Which Politician Are You Quiz?

Teachers may want to use this quiz as a way to introduce students to politics in general. It can also be used to help students understand what it means to be a politician, and where their own political views fit on the larger political spectrum.

The quiz asks questions about a range of topics including abortion, the war and global warming and matches them with politicians who share similar ideas. It’s quick, easy and accurate.

What is a politician?

A politician is someone who campaigns for and holds an elected position as a government official. They may serve at the local level, like mayor, or they may hold a higher-level office, like President. Politicians are often affiliated with political parties, which means they stick closely to the policies and ideas of their party. This can lead to partisanship, where politicians only care about the issues that will benefit them and their party rather than the public interest. The word politician can also be used in a more general way to refer to a person who is skilled at the politics of a certain situation, such as the workplace. For example, a “office politician” is someone who knows how to manipulate others and gain advantages for themselves.

What is a politician’s job?

A politician is a person who is elected to the government and represents people’s interests in making laws and policy decisions. Politicians debate issues and work on legislative proposals with colleagues from their political party (as they are part of a political party, a Democrat or Republican, for example) and also with other politicians from different parties to push through ideas that they all agree on. Politicians also deal with the media, meet constituents and attend community meetings and drop-ins, run campaigns and do other various administrative tasks.

A politician’s job varies a lot depending on the level of the government that they are involved in and the position they hold, ranging from President of the United States down to your local school board member or town councillor. At lower levels of government, managing budgets is a major part of the job and maths skills can be very useful in this role. Managing large projects is also an important aspect of the job for many politicians.

What is a politician’s responsibility?

A politician has a specific responsibility to the people he or she represents. This responsibility must be balanced with the power, prestige and privileges that come with political office. Politicians must avoid the temptation to use their position for the benefit of themselves or their friends. They must speak out firmly and promptly against hate speech and must respect international human rights standards. They also need to be up to date on the everyday issues faced by their electorate.

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