Understanding God’s Sovereignty and Our Responsibilities in Politics

God’s Word About Politics Kjv

1. God’s Sovereignty

The sovereignty of God means that He is the supreme ruler of the universe. He controls and directs everything that happens on Earth through physical and moral laws. He is all-powerful and all-knowing and His creation bows to Him. God displays His sovereignty by protecting His creatures. He preserves them from floods, heals them, and makes animals march to His beck and call.

Many people misunderstand the concept of God’s sovereignty by imagining Him as a puppetmaster who holds all the strings. That type of illustration is cartoonish and doesn’t accurately represent what sovereignty really is. To understand sovereignty, we need to consider words like king, kingdom, lord, dominion and authority. These describe aspects of God’s character and midot (attributes). He has the right and power to do whatever He chooses.

3. Pray for Leaders

While it is often inappropriate for pastors to instruct their congregations on who they should vote for (and potentially alienate half of their audience), it is appropriate to preach about the importance of praying for political leaders. 1 Timothy 2:1 encourages us to “pray without ceasing, for all men, especially for kings and all those in authority.”

It can be particularly helpful to teach this Scripture during an election season when people aren’t as heightened emotionally. It is also helpful to teach this Scripture before a scandalous news story hits the media, so that people are better prepared to pray appropriately.

All political leaders need God’s wisdom to govern well. James promises that God will give wisdom to anyone who asks. Bringing requests before the Lord on behalf of others can be an extremely powerful spiritual battle.

4. Make Wise Choices

In order to make wise choices, we must understand what God’s word says about politics kjv. For example, Proverbs 11:14 states that “Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” It’s essential to seek wise guidance and advice before making decisions such as those related to voting.

Another important point to remember is that politics can be a powerful tool for good. In order to help our neighbors in oppressed nations, we must support political leaders and policies that promote freedom, respect life, and encourage prosperity. This is the best way to demonstrate love for our fellow man.

5. Be Responsible Citizens

Being a good citizen is important. It involves helping others and caring for the environment. Citizens should pay their taxes and obey the law. They should also volunteer their time to help others. They should also follow the news and be informed about politics.

A common belief among political theorists is that it is citizens’ responsibility to hold elite power in check and prevent civil oligarchies. However, this view places an unreasonably high burden on citizens who for many overlapping reasons are not able to meet their obligations.

Being a responsible citizen requires selflessness and a love for your country. For example, reducing waste helps your country save money on garbage disposal and water costs. Reusing and recycling also saves the environment and resources.

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